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Explore Qualitative Findings

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Explore Qualitative Findings

The findings from qualitative analyses of the written responses to the IDEAL DEI Survey are organized into three reports:

  • Report 1 provides an overall summary of findings.
  • Report 2 covers personal experiences with harmful interactions and institutional dynamics.
  • Report 3 summarizes respondent feedback about University practices related to DEI.

Each of these report sections summarize the most common themes that emerged along with direct quotations from survey respondents intended to help illustrate the themes in survey participants' own words.

1. Summary of Qualitative Findings


2. Harmful Experiences and Institutional Dynamics

This report contains qualitative survey comments that address microaggressions, harassing and discriminatory behaviors, and other harmful experiences, as well as the impact of challenging institutional dynamics like power imbalances.

Report 2 (PDF)

3. Feedback on University Practices

This report contains qualitative survey comments that provide feedback on what the University is doing well, and suggestions for improvement. It also provides comments that highlight promising practices from departments, programs, and other local DEI efforts.

Report 3 (PDF)